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An exhibition of new work by Fiona Clucas

This is an exhibition of new work inspired by the artist's favourite watery places including the mosses of South Cumbria and Morecambe Bay estuary. Works in oils, gouache with pastel, charcoal and graphite depict a real sense of place, light and time of day. The paintings and drawings, many of which have been done  on location, also highlight the varied species that inhabit these waterlands including the birdlife, insects, invertebrates and plants

Fiona is a member of The Society of Wildlife Art and the Lake Artists Society.

Below is just a selection of work from the exhibition.

For images, sizes and prices of ALL Fiona's work in 'Waterlands'

For Exhibition views including the beautiful Ceramics by

Karen Wilkinson and Rebecca Callis that complement Fiona's

work so well (with prices)

To purchase anything by Fiona, Karen or Rebecca please contact the gallery through the Contact page of the website.

Press Release for Waterlands


Celebrating Wetlands

Watery places, and the insects, birds and plants that inhabit them, are the subject of celebrated South Lakes artist Fiona Clucas' first public gallery show for nearly seven years.

Waterlands, new works in oil, gouache with pastel, charcoal and graphite, is at Gallery 68 in Ulverston from March 26th to April 25th.

“Life in the marshes, estuaries, the mosses of the Bay area is so rich,” she says. “Egrets, swans and curlews, damsel-flies, darters and bees, marsh thistle, watermint, bullrush.  It is capturing the interdependence of all that life that so engages me.”

"Even the flooded fields, this is nature reclaiming its wetlands; it's so beautiful, but at the same time so devastating for all the people whose livelihoods are being hurt."

Levens-based Fiona has won a passionate following with her powerful depictions of South Lakes wildlife and landscape. She was shortlisted for two prizes at the Society of Wildlife Artists' annual show in London last year, and exhibits widely around the country.

"Fiona is truly special, not just locally but to anyone who can appreciate contemporary wildlife art," says Gallery 68 co-owner Rosie Wates. “I think it is her commitment to showing the totality of the habitats she studies, the filagree network of bird and beast and plant, that entices. She has excelled herself with these latest pieces, the atmosphere and spirit of place are just magical, it's so joyful."

"People are in for a real treat. There will be such variety in the show – the rich colours of gouaches and oils and the stark contrasts and subtle tones of her graphite and charcoal pieces; big statement works, and tiny jewel-like oils. "

Fiona is a founder-member of Green Door, the Kendal-based artists' collective, which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary. She is also a member of The Lake Artists Society.

"It's the building up of depths of colour that absorbs and seduces me, whether I'm working in gouache or oils, one colour bouncing against another. I love all of that." she says.

"With the drawing, whether graphite or charcoal, working tonally you can create such drama. The interplay of the deep rich blacks with the subtlety, softness of grey tones and the whiteness of the paper."

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