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Now and Then
Tina Balmer

This wonderful exhibition of Tina Balmer's paintings breathes life and light and colour into the gallery. 

It is a pleasure to contemplate all the different  sizes and scales - the tiny panels of her early work in the series Memories, modest sized canvases alive with multiple blooms and tendrils of plant life or showcasing a single vessel carrying its single occupant, to the most recent monumental canvases of still lives with flowers.

There are different subjects - yes, many flower and still life paintings but also  human figures appear, and dogs. A park. Caravans.

There are different colour palettes from the darkly glowing to brilliant jewel-like contrasts, to the dance of subtle, pale tones.

Nothing is merely 'pretty'. Everything is beautiful. If there is variety it is all so clearly from the hand and vision of an artist who has never been satisfied with easy repetitions and simple answers.

Please enjoy this exhibition, by visiting the gallery, or see below as we add over the next days images of all the work in the show, as well as some film.

Hover to see information about the paintings, and click on each one to see the full image (plus information). Sizes given are for the total size, including frame when there is one (width by length).

now&then4pdf A4 for website.jpg

For more information or to purchase anything if you can't visit in person, please email us via the Contact page, or ring Tina (07423 059452) or Rosie (07793 200542).

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