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We are sad to announce that we will be closed from Thursday 5th November. We know that we are not alone...


Our current exhibition     ABSTRACTED  by Gallery 68 co-owner Rosie Wates remains looking lovely on the walls of the empty gallery, but can be seen on the website under Current Exhibition - Abstracted.  All the paintings and theatre boxes are there, including the very affordable unframed work, with sizes, titles, medium and prices.


The works will be available to purchase and collect, have delivered free locally or posted out. Look out later in November for our forthcoming Christmas Exhibition - over the coming weeks we will be working hard to get lots of our beautiful paintings, ceramics, prints, jewellery, textile and metal work up onto the website so that they can be seen and bought even if we are not open.

We would also like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude and thanks to all our lovely customers for their support over this challenging year. And thank you to all our artists, for showing with us in our gallery.

Rosie Wates, Tina Balmer, Jan Huntley Peace, Janette Phillips, Jo Lamb, Sally Bamber, Sarah Gamble, Emily Jolley, Sarah Jane Bellwood, Sadie Tierney, Helen Murgatroyd, Katie Edwards, David Thomas, Angie Flynn, Rebecca Callis, Yolande Beer, Annie Luke Turner, Helen Dessent, Karen Wilkinson, Susan Deakin, Lorraine Ashcroft, Julian Warrender, Annie Sherborne, Nisha Halo, Topsy Jewell, Joe Lenartowicz, Lara Clahane, Faye Moorhouse , Sarah Lock, Christian Funnell, Joy Fox, Julie McCann, Elizabeth Shorrock, Cumbria Crystal

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